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Illustrated image for article Guiding lights along life's journey or When angels sit on your shoulder!

Guiding lights along life's journey or When angels sit on your shoulder

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One of my favorite films was the amazing story of a doctor who, thanks to the power of an angel, found understanding within herself and, most importantly, true love, which showed her the beauty of life and what is most important in it.

Yes, I'm talking about Brad Silberling's brilliantly made 90's film "City of Angels", where Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage gave amazing performances that moved the audience to tears.

The storyline in this film can be likened to real angelic protection in our lives.


In the quiet moments of devotional yoga practice, amidst the deep breaths and stretching of the limbs, there is a deep sense of guidance, as if the angels themselves were sitting on our shoulders and whispering wisdom in our ears. This image, while metaphorical, encapsulates the deep emotional and spiritual support that many find through yoga, and links it to a belief in guidance from the higher realms.

Have you ever felt a mysterious sense of guidance in challenging times, as if an unseen force was gently directing you to the right path?


In this article, I focus on the profound impact of feeling guided by angels, illustrating this with personal examples, emotional environments, and beliefs that intersect with these heavenly encounters...


1. The Essence of Angelic Guidance in Yoga

Yoga, at its core, is more than just a physical exercise; it is a spiritual journey that connects body, mind, and soul and offers a path to inner peace and enlightenment. For those who believe in an angelic presence, these spiritual entities serve as guardians and guides, leading us with love and grace through the stormy waters of life. This belief finds a harmonious echo in yoga, where every pose and every breath is an act of listening to the universe and, by extension, to the angels who guide us.



2. Experiencing the Angelic Presence through meditation and asana

Consider the peaceful silence of meditation, an essential element of yoga practice. In these moments of stillness, practitioners often report that they do not feel alone, surrounded by a calming presence. This feeling can be interpreted as a way of communicating with the angels, offering comfort and guidance without words. Similarly, when we engage in asana, the physical postures of yoga, there is an unspoken guidance that seems to flow through us, helping us achieve positions that previously seemed impossible, as if angelic hands are gently supporting and shaping our movements.



3. Personal moments of Angelic Guidance in yoga

Many yogis share personal stories of encountering angelic guidance during their practice. One individual described a moment during a particularly challenging time in their life when, while holding a difficult pose, they felt an overwhelming sense of peace and confidence, as if an angel had gently placed a hand on their shoulder and infused them with strength and courage. Another spoke of hearing an intuitive whisper during meditation that guided them to make life-changing decisions with certainty and clarity.



4. Emotional and spiritual beliefs linking yoga and Angelic Guidance together

At the heart of this connection between yoga and angelic guidance is a shared foundation of emotional and spiritual beliefs. Yoga teaches us to look within, to connect with our higher self, and to listen to the subtle messages the universe sends us. Those who believe in angels view these celestial beings as messengers of the divine whose job it is to guide us to our true path. Both concepts advocate a life lived with purpose, mindfulness, and an open heart, encouraging us to trust in the journey even when the destination remains unseen.



Incorporating a belief in angelic guidance into her yoga practice enriches her with an additional layer of spiritual depth that offers comfort, strength, and direction. It reminds us that we are not alone on our journey through life; there is a presence, whether it be angels or universal energy, that sits on our shoulders and guides us with a gentle hand. This belief, intertwined with the practice of yoga, encourages us to embrace the unknown with faith, listen deeply, and trust the guidance that comes from within and without.

In the end, whether we take the presence of angels as literal or metaphorical, the point remains the same: through yoga, we can tap into a deep source of guidance, strength, and wisdom that helps us handle life's challenges with grace and resilience.



So, if you ever find yourself in a desperate situation where you don't know what to do, immerse yourself in yoga or deep meditation to allow the whisperers to connect with you and direct the unspoken content to a better feeling and a day when you will smile again...


Have you ever experienced a similar feeling or advice? Do you similarly experience your practice? Do you trust in those above?

Share your stories...

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