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About The Way Of Yoga

Before you take a good look around my website, let's find out a little bit about myself. Before I started studying positions and breathing techniques myself, I worked in hotels and busy corporate companies in the IT department, where the daily stress and high work pace took their effect on me, which of course took its toll over time.

How did I suddenly get out of the hotel and into an IT environment, you ask? Easy! Despite my language skills, I was somehow miraculously hired for technical support in an international company and then over time I got to know the overall environment, which I found my way around quite quickly.

I didn't get into yoga until I was about 30 years old when I first signed up for a yoga class at a fitness center, which I actually signed up for by mistake, but the class changed my life immediately. The reason I took up this activity was because I wanted to make a difference, feel better, heal my wounded self-esteem, and get rid of my irresponsible lifestyle.

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As they say, life begins after 30, that's exactly what happened to me...everything happens for a reason and at the right time. Even though the whole journey and decision to tend to this spiritual direction was unfamiliar to me, it was quite easy to get into the necessary fitness and mental stability to pass on that spirituality, and to continue to improve my practice and strengthen my mind at the same time.

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How yoga can change our lives?

“...or my story and how it all started...”
I found myself so quickly in my yoga practice that I felt the need to take a qualified teacher training course so that I could teach myself and pass on my knowledge to others. Through the challenging study of yoga philosophy and practice at Improve Academy in Prague, I realized my purpose and the opportunity to improve myself physically and mentally. Yoga is our life commitment, which each of us chooses for ourselves - a journey. On every path some challenges or obstacles test us, what we can endure and how we will handle them, and whether we will keep repeating the same mistakes or learn from them and be able to overcome them. Therefore, in this way, we can learn to live better, long, and happily. Yoga is a way or guide to our life that can bring us what we want - relief, health, or goals in all directions. Yoga is a way to know the best version of ourselves and to live each moment fully and consciously. Yoga changes us and everything around us. Live your purpose!
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