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The impact of the full moon and new moon on our lives

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A sleepless night or, on the other side, full of hard sleep with crazy dreams and unexplained tossing and turning or constant waking. Sometimes less and sometimes more...

Why is this happening to us? What power do these effects have on our lives?

In our yoga practice, we regularly open up internally and our spiritual side is strengthened by the moon during these significant changes, helping us to crystallize our situations and suggesting how many things around us are changing and why.


The Moon has always held a special place in human consciousness.

Its gentle, rhythmic dance through the night sky has been a source of inspiration and wonder for countless generations. In many spiritual traditions, including yoga, the moon is believed to have a profound influence on our lives.


In this article, I focus on research and facts about the importance of the full and new moons in the practice of yoga and what they can do with their unique power.


Before we dive into the influence of the full moon and new moon, it is essential to understand the basic concept of the lunar phases. The moon goes through a continuous cycle of waxing and waning that lasts approximately 29.5 days.

There are 4 primary phases: new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter.

Full Moon: the Time of Expansion


In yoga philosophy, the full moon is associated with growth, abundance, and expansion. The energy of the full moon is considered very auspicious for strengthening our practice.


Here's how the full moon can affect our lives in a yogic way...

1. Increased energy

The full moon is believed to amplify the energy in the environment. Yogis often report feeling more energetic and alive during this phase, which can be channeled into the practice of dynamic asanas (physical postures).


Of course, these phenomena may work differently for everyone. It is also influenced by the sign of the zodiac.

For me personally, the full moon has a very subdued effect on me, where I feel tired, weak, unproductive and only my body and mind crave doing nothing or quietly reading a book in bed, sipping tea or just watching my favorite movie. The only thing that can get me out of the bedroom is our pet who needs to go out for a walk and, at most, a treat from the fridge. Occasionally this can be accompanied by a migraine, which I don 't suffer from at all, or you can be impulsive at work or at home, catching yourself in overwhelming regret or, conversely, anger, which you need to let out and take the pressure off.


Are you angry? - Swear properly! Relieve yourself!

Are you sad? - Cry, even for no reason!

Are you tired? - Take a nap, a nap does wonders or laze around all weekend!

Are you full of energy and excitement? - Do anything for yourself and enjoy it, create!


2. Increased awareness

The brightness of the full moon can help us become more aware of our surroundings, both internally and externally. This heightened awareness is valuable in deepening meditation and introspection, and helps practitioners gain insight into their thoughts and emotions.


3. Emotional release

The full moon is a time to let go of negativity and emotional baggage. Yoga practices like Chandra Namaskar (moon salutation) can be particularly effective in releasing pent-up emotions and promoting mental clarity.

I have often found myself releasing emotions while practicing on the mat. What to do about it on the spot? Stop and sit in the child's position and let it flow, without reflecting on why it happened.


4. Improved intuition

We believe that the full moon improves our intuitive abilities. This can be beneficial for those who practice mindfulness and meditation, as it leads to greater self-awareness and a deeper connection with the self.


New Moon: time of renewal


The New Moon is a time of introspection, reflection, and renewal. Yogic philosophy holds that the energy during this phase is softer and quieter, making it an ideal time for self-inquiry and inner transformation.


As I 've mentioned before the problem with sleeping during the full moon, when it's a new moon, on the other hand, I sleep like a log, but with a mix of nonsensical to very interesting and vivid dreams. Especially when I 'm post-yoga practice, this phenomenon has a very strong effect on me and puts me to sleep with its magical power without explanation. In the morning I usually wake up as if reborn, but pensive about the content of my dream. What is it they want to tell me?

It has happened more than once that their content has warned me of evil or, on the contrary, prepared me for positive news in my life that has moved me forward and given me strength.


Here's how the new moon affects our lives in a yogic way...


1. Setting intentions

The new moon is an auspicious time to set intentions and create new goals. Yogis often use this phase to create Sankalpas, which are positive affirmations or resolutions for self-improvement.


2. Deepening Inner Practice

The subtler energy of the new moon encourages practices such as meditation and pranayama (breath control, flowing breath) that can lead to a deeper understanding of self and inner peace.


3. Reconnecting with nature

Yogis appreciate the new moon as a time to reconnect with the natural world and tune into the lunar cycles, which promotes a greater sense of oneness and harmony with the universe.


4. Purification and detoxification

Many yogic traditions recommend cleansing practices during the new moon, such as fasting or detoxification asanas, to help the body and mind rid itself of impurities and toxins.


Full moon and new moon have a special significance in the world of yoga.

They are considered powerful catalysts for personal growth, introspection, and transformation.

By aligning our yoga practice with the lunar cycles, we can harness the energy of expansion and renewal, allowing us to lead a more fulfilling life.

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, embracing the lunar cycles can deepen your connection to yourself and the world around you.


Embrace the wisdom of the moon and let them guide you on your yoga journey!

Do you have similar mood swings, physical pain, or migraines or are you hypersensitive? 

Share with me in the comments...

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