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Illustrated image for article Tattoos as a map of our lives - a yoga trend or a deeper meaning?!

Tattoos as a map of our lives - a yoga trend or a deeper meaning?

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Have you noticed that you're seeing more and more tattoos all over yogis lately? I've been thinking about this trend for a long time, but basically, it's about the deeper meaning of every tattoo we choose or design ourselves and have it recorded on our body map of life once and for all.


It used to be that anyone who was tattooed was considered an outcast from hell. People considered such types to be criminals and it was rude, even discriminatory at times, in society. Why was the community so outraged? And what does the tattoo itself symbolize? 


Tattoos have been used for centuries as a form of self-expression, identity, and art. They adorn the bodies of countless individuals, each telling a unique story. One interesting way to look at tattoos is to view them as a map of one 's life, with each ink-infused design representing a specific chapter or milestone. I also want to describe and explore how tattoos can serve as a visual storyteller of a person's life journey.

My beginning on the forearm


When I worked for an IT company a few years ago, I was in a very stressful environment because I was on the phone for several hours every day providing technical support to foreign users of our managed software. I kind of came to this job like a blind man to a violin, not really knowing what kind of people I would be around. But I soon found that out. 


Gradually, I was learning technical skills and getting to know my colleagues in the office. Unfortunately, I didn 't get along with them very well and felt a strong sense of falseness every day, which made working hours difficult and took away from my inner peace and well-being. Everyone was disguised as a friend with a venomous tongue and a fake smile that could hurt and wound to the core in the final moments.


I started yoga around this time and tried to invest my energy elsewhere, to be able to absorb or successfully ignore the toxic and corrupted environment, and not let the stability that I was striving for in yoga get in the way.
I've always been a somewhat friendly and open nature, sometimes unfortunately trusting, and a few times that backfired too. A big support for me at that time was an American music icon, a rapper who was able to empower me with her lyrics and give me the courage to push myself on a daily basis. 

And that 's how my first point on the body map of my life and the memory of this period was created - the words "My haters are my motivators" were then in my eyes every day and I realized my worth when one must not give up on anything and be one's own most loyal friend, even when all kinds of obstacles and evil in human form get in the way.

After getting this tattoo, I suddenly began to feel an uplifting sense of lightness, importance, and power in my yoga practice. "I can do anything now", I thought to myself as I relaxed in the final Savasana pose on the mat after a successful class, imagining a better tomorrow.

Thus began my life map, which I planned to expand and decorate with each moment that became a significant chapter in my life.


The combination of art and yoga


In recent years, a fascinating trend has emerged in the yoga community: the incorporation of tattoos into the practice.

Tattoos and yoga may seem like an unlikely pairing, but they share a common purpose pursuit of self-expression, self-discovery, and mindfulness.


Tattoos have long been a means of personal expression, allowing individuals to adorn their bodies with symbols, quotes, or images that have deep meaning for them. Yogis often choose tattoos that reflect their spiritual path, beliefs, or mantras and serve as a constant reminder of their chosen path.


Even the process of getting a tattoo can have a specific meaning for a person, whereas even the act of getting it can be a meditative experience. It forces the individual to remain in the present, much like yoga during exercise. For me personally, it marks a significant shift in my practice, like mastering a challenging pose or achieving mental clarity.

In this case, tattooing can be thought of as setting an intention in yoga. Tattoos can serve as a permanent reminder of these intentions, reinforcing a commitment to personal growth.


In most cases, yogis reveal their jewels to us in visible places as they create poses. They use asanas to reveal their tattoos during practice, creating a visual connection between their body adornment and their intentions. This integration deepens the mind, body, and spirit connection and enhances the experience during practice.

The conscious choice to be tattooed, coupled with intention, is consistent with the principles of yoga, where mindfulness is the key to achieving inner peace. I consider tattoos to be a living canvas that reflects personal change, growth, and transformation, much like the evolution of a yoga practice.


Everyone sees tattoos in different places, but the most common places to notice are the ankles, arms, calves, shoulders, or back.

I consider myself a tattoo lover, but my map consists of only 3 pieces of art so far.

My main point of strength and determination is the Hamsa symbol with the Namaste greeting hanging from it, which decorates the space on my back between my shoulder blades at the center of my spine. The reason was to start teaching yoga as a qualified instructor to the This symbol acts as protection from negative influences, it also represents purity, spiritual awakening, and faithfulness, and brings health, wealth, and fertility.


In my practice, I feel a strong connection each time, which allows me to move forward on the mat and experience each enrichment of the mind in the right way.

What about you and tattoos? Do you have a similar relationship to it? And if so, what ornaments do you choose and what does it mean to you?

Let me know...

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