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Illustrated image for article "I'm just not in the mood for practice today!" or Dark days without yoga and when it's out of our reach!

"I'm just not in the mood for practice today!" or Dark days without yoga and when it's out of our reach

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Tiredness, disgust, bad mood, or depression from overwork or other necessary duties ground our endorphins for days to come. Closing ourselves into an imaginary shell for safety and not coming out is all we crave and wait for to survive these feelings.


We've all experienced it - days when the thought of unpacking the yoga mat seems more daunting than comforting. These " dark days" are not just a phase, but a natural part of our journey.

Understanding and accepting these moments can be as important as the practice itself.


Today I will share with you my personal experience with these dark days and how to pass through them without regrets...


Understanding the " dark days"

The black days in yoga are when your body and mind resist the practice.

It's not just laziness or lack of time, but a deeper sense of disconnection. These days can be frustrating, especially if you are consistent in your practice.

However, they are a natural response to a variety of factors: stress, burnout, emotional upheaval, or even a change in routine.



Personal experience

Let me share an occasional experience.

I recently woke up feeling heavy and unmotivated. The thought of a morning or evening yoga class felt overwhelming.

This feeling persisted for several days. At first, I was hard on myself, but then I realized it was okay to take these days off. You really need to not dwell on it, accept these feelings let them subside on their own, and let them go.

Remember, the more you resist those days, the longer the body and mind will absorb it and the feelings can overwhelm you.



Taking a break

The first step in coping with black days is acceptance.

Understand that it's perfectly normal to have periods when you don't feel well during yoga. It's not a setback, but part of your journey.

Listen to your body and mind. If they ask for a break, it's okay to take a break.



Finding alternatives

On days when yoga feels like an obligation, I look for alternative ways to stay connected to my practice.

Sometimes it's as simple as meditating, doing a few stretching exercises, or just sitting in a quiet room and reflecting.

These alternatives keep the essence of yoga alive without the physical effort.



Reflection and reconnection

Use this time to reflect on what may be causing this disconnect.

Are you going through a stressful time?

Are there changes occurring in your life that are affecting you more than you realized?

Understanding the root cause can help in addressing it and slowly getting back into the flow.



Gentle reintegration

When you feel ready to return to the mat, start slowly.

Don't engage in intense sitting. Start with a gentle stretch or short set. Become aware of your return and appreciate your body and mind for returning to this activity with the belief that the "black period" is behind you.



Dark days without yoga can be challenging, but they are also opportunities for growth and understanding.

They remind us that yoga is not just a physical practice, but a mental and emotional journey.

Embrace these days, understand their cause, and use them to connect more deeply with yourself.


Remember that every journey has its ebbs and flows, and it's only natural to ride the wave at your own pace.

Have you ever felt so under the weather that no one got you on the mat with a pair of bulls? When have you faced such an experience?

Write me, I look forward to the comments...

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